Festival Matte Black Nails & Super Fuchsia Lips

April 12, 2016

Coachella starts this week, so here I am with another festival look, although I’m one continent away.

I again fell into some black. Spring and it’s flowery prowess doesn’t have the power to make me change. For now. Diana once said I look fabulous in black. I guess my mind keeps remembering and draws me to it. And when black comes around I make sure I pop a color. This time my lips are popping. Bought another fuchsia lipstick, it was on sale and futile to resist. It may be the same color as my Revlon lipstick, but I don’t care. Fuchsia rules the fashion world.

I always feel I should give you some tips and tricks about my make up and how I present it to you, since I’m a photographer and Photoshop is involved. One thing you should know: I do not use foundation, at all. I have one, but it was wasted money since it’s too dark and too yellowy for my complexion. I only use concealer where I need it and use Photoshop only to correct a few freckles and spots that sometimes show. But always, ALWAYS take advantage of the light around me. And sunny Spring light is the best. Summer also. I make sure my surroundings are basking in sunlight and use the golden hour rule: sunlight after 5 pm. Bottom line, beautiful light makes your face look dreamy. Use it!

I am sporting now matte black nails. I never got them black in Winter and I’m doing them now in Spring. Figures. I also have false eyelashes, two bands, leftovers from my one time model days, when I used to model for another camera. This make-up is pretty simple, only a few products used, basic ones I always carry with me.

Some of you may be looking at this and think “witching hour”, hell, …I guess, maybe. I don’t mind. A witchy festival look 😛

p.s. I am a multiple repeat offender by wearing this hat over and over again. Get used to it, I ♥ it. Also, products used at the bottom (photo).

Wearing: “Find Me Backstage” Top // H&M (old), Wool Hat // H&M. Eyes: Oriflame VeryMe Double Trouble Eye Pencil // Mocha Loca, Brows: Oriflame Precise Brow Definer, HighlightS-HE Glitter Eyeliner, Concealer: Aura Correct ME // Natural, Lips: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate // Rossetto Rouge à Lèvres #20.festival matte black nails and fuchsia lips with a black hatfestival fuchsia lips and the black hatfestival fuchsia lips and matte black nailsfestival fuchsia lips and black hatfestival find me backstage t-shirt with black matte nailsfestival matte black nails and fuchsia lips and the black hatfestival matte black nails and fuchsia lips with black hatfestival matte black nails and super fuchsia lipsmake-up products and tulips


Thanks for reading and watching 🙂

Photos & editing by me.




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