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Get To Know Zaful

May 31, 2017

I am always on the lookout for cool fashion stores, unique designs, fabulous clothes and statement jewelry – with a modern twist.

Two years back, before I began this whole blogging thing, a little site called caught my eye. And because I was getting into this whole blogging thing, I was following a lot of bloggers. And those bloggers had a lot of clothes from Zaful. Pretty, summer-y and cute. Back then it was just a small shop online, having half of what they sell now. But even back then their dresses were insane: gorgeous, floral and cute to my taste.

I thought: someday my blog will catch their eye. I did not start this blog as a full time job, thinking I would instantly monetize my time here. It was a side project where I was and still am the only boss, I enjoy spending time here and although now some days may feel like that – a full time job, it is slowly becoming more of what I wanted to achieve with it: a study in transforming my style, learning about fashion and getting better at growing older and fashion wiser along with it.

That is why I choose who I work with and how I work with brands. Zaful has been, for a year now, a steady brand in my portfolio. Why? Because I like the quality and designs of their garments. I was so happy when they reached out to me for the first time, was so giddy, already had a whole whishlist ready to be fulfilled. From then on it was and is a blissful collaboration. I do like how they work with bloggers, who they choose to work with, girls like me – the cool girls like me 🙂

It has been quite a year in my collaboration with them. Their community and online store continues to grow and grow, being bigger and better, catering to cool girls all over the world. They have expanded and took this online shopping experience to a whole other level: they have ventured into athleisure (Zaful Sports), swimsuits (so many, it’s insaaane) and a community that is growing by the day now. If you don’t know how online shopping works (who doesn’t?), Zaful is pretty easy to shop. Since the beginning they have improved their categories and products, making it easier for every girl to measure, know their sizes and also show off their style or whishlists on their brand new community “Z-Me“. I do like that they reward through points every user that is showing off their style. I hope that someday, like the bigger brands out there, Zaful will think of a huge bloggers meet, where us fashion bloggers can meet and greet, have fun and enjoy being part of this very large (now) community.

Now that Summer is here (hurray!), I’m ending this post with a shout out to all Summer lovin’ girls out there: Zaful is celebrating the arrival of Summer with a floral midi dress Summer 2017 Promotion. Use coupon ZafulChen for even bigger discounts on their website.

As always,

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