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How To Properly Accessorise For Prom

January 3, 2018

Prom always tends to creep up on you before you realise it. So, you’ll want to be ready to shine on your special night, won’t you? Finding the perfect dress may well take some time, but don’t leave accessories to the last minute. Often, accessorising makes it to the bottom of a prom girls’ list, but you need to consider your accessories when preparing for the big event. To help you get started, check out the below ideas. 

1. Complement with Contrasting Colours
If you have chosen a dress in a solid colour, pick a contrasting colour for your accessories that will complement the dress. For example, if you have picked a red dress, pair it with gorgeous gold heels and platforms.
2. Pay Attention to Style
Did you know that the style of the dress affects how you ought to accessorise? If you have a halter neck dress, wearing a necklace is just going to be too busy. Rather accessorise with jewellery like earrings, rings, and bracelets which offer just the right amount of shimmer without being overdone. On the other hand, strapless dresses will show off a gorgeous necklace.
3. Detailed Dress? Go for Neutrals
If your dress is multi-coloured or incredibly detailed, choose neutral shoes and jewellery. The shimmer of the accessories will catch attention while also showcasing the hues of the dress. If your dress is heavily detailed or beaded, pair with gold or silver jewellery and neutral shoes for a truly sophisticated look.
4. Amp Up the LBD
Everyone looks great in an LBD, but as for accessorising, silver and gold should be your go-to colours. Gold paired with black offers a timeless look and shine whereas silver contrasts with the black. Patterned silver jewels with deep etchings offer an edgy look to any black dress from If you’ve been wondering about how to accessorise in a more dramatic way, then go for jewelled toned accessories to draw attention to your overall ensemble.
5. Diamonds Really Are Your Best Friend
No matter what colour prom dress you choose, and regardless of the style or size, clear gems, rhinestones, and of course, diamonds, will make a sensational statement. Having just the right amount of shimmer shows you really know how to dress with style and class. What’s more, pearls greatly compliment just about any colour and style of dress. Just think of Marilyn Monroe – an exceptional style icon – who would pair pearls with a white dress regularly for a timeless, and beautiful look. If you’re stumped for ideas when it comes to finding the perfect prom accessories, just remember that you cannot go wrong with pearls or diamonds.

If you still get stuck trying to find accessories, take a look at your style icons to find inspiration. Remember to give yourself enough time to try out different accessories so that you make the best decision. When you look your best for prom, you will no doubt feel your best and be on your way to make a very memorable night.

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