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My Summer Travel Style

July 28, 2017

I have a confession to make: the above photo is me, several years ago. I chose it because it is still one of my favorite photos, shot by a very good friend of mine. I had 0 make-up (I haven’t discovered a good concealer yet and honestly didn’t need one, but I did edit a few freckles in Photoshop and some fine lines) my hair was an unwashed mess, all curly from the damp Summer weather, I had my super favorite loose top on and my bathing suit underneath. The super cool geeky glasses were fake, I was into the clear glasses back then and really enjoyed how these looked on me in photos. I was outside the city, I was out in nature and had a lake to go swimming into. It was the Summer of 2009. Continue Reading…

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Atomic Blonde

July 26, 2017

Here’s an idea for Summer: oversized shirts. I’m into them, I’m wearing one as we speak. Nothing keeps you cool and breezy than an oversized shirt. I don’t even feel the need for underwear. Such is the case in this post: I have a beautiful emerald shirt, I have my red lips and I have my heels. If you’ve been noticing me as a repeat offender, then no apologies. I like my worn out black jeans and my super comfortable Zara heeled sandals. I will be wearing this combo a lot here.

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Sheer Polka Dot

July 22, 2017

What I love about fashion (and think everybody should live by this style mantra) is mixing old with new, affordable and luxury. Today is that kind of post and I’m doing a #weddingseason inspo post with my favorite shirt that was a serendipitous find in a thrift shop (actually wore it to a wedding/christening, you can find how I styled it then here), my vintage Fendi earrings, my YSL summer lipstick, a very glowy make-up, the most comfortable heels to last me all night dancing, a Zara bag that can turn into a clutch and this extremely stylish sheer polka dot mesh skirt.

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Summer Bohemia Wishlist

July 19, 2017
Bohemian Summer nights and sunny days. Summer bohemia is my favorite style trend. Beginning with Coachella in April, all the way through August, Summer bohemia is trended from Kylie to Vanessa. All style girls know those boho celebrities are the IT girls to go to for some Insta inspo. I found on that bohemian trend through their cute and whimsy designs, from bathing suits, dresses and mostly statement jewelry. Below my Summer Bohemia Wishlist and further down all the discount codes on their website.

1. Here  2. Here  3. Here  4. Here  5. Here  6. Here  7. Here  8. Here  9. Here  10. Here  11. Here
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