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Ultra Violet

January 17, 2018

At home, at my parent’s house, where I usually take my portraits, in my old room, a room I used to share everything with it’s walls. I listen to “Linger” in my headphones and I’m taken back. It was my favorite song from The Cranberries. I wasn’t a big fan, but I loved and still love that song.

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New Year

January 7, 2018

My first post this year. A short one today. I took a little break from my blog, but now I’m back with goodies to share, adventures to begin. First post of the year is me in my New Year’s Eve look, we had a bunch of our friends over and we danced until 6 am. It was how we usually spend the end of one year and the beginning of another. One big party.

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How To Properly Accessorise For Prom

January 3, 2018

Prom always tends to creep up on you before you realise it. So, you’ll want to be ready to shine on your special night, won’t you? Finding the perfect dress may well take some time, but don’t leave accessories to the last minute. Often, accessorising makes it to the bottom of a prom girls’ list, but you need to consider your accessories when preparing for the big event. To help you get started, check out the below ideas.  Continue Reading…

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Child Of The Night

December 21, 2017

I’m skipping ahead (because I want these days to enjoy myself offline) and wish you now a Merry Christmas with your loved ones (including pets) and get straight down to the real question. What are your real New Year’s resolutions? Those realistic resolutions you keep on the back of your mind but get lost answering with formalities.

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