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Gem Jewelry Collection by Star Harvest Silver Jewelry

September 12, 2016

This is the second time the very lovely people at Star Harvest Silver Jewelry are gifting me with their delicate jewelry. And what a treat they are. Even more beautifully wrapped, boxes so cute, gems so sparkly. It felt like Christmas morning that Friday evening, coming off work, cats around me, unwrapping and unwrapping, finally the bracelet, necklace and stud earrings making their way out of the extremely cute boxes they were in. I love them all. Continue Reading…

Collaborations, Featured, Looks

Zaful Goodies

September 7, 2016
zaful choker and top

Back to School, Autumn leaves, rain, oh, the cold… gobbledygook! I am sticking to Summer for as much as I can!

Luckily I can still rock some off-the shoulder awesomeness and ruffle madness with this very cute top I got from I have awesome collar bone and shoulder game (not to toot my own horn or anything ), but this top really enhances that, and I love it! But I’m not gonna lie to you, it was a pain ironing it. Next time I will steam iron. On to the next goodie.

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The Green of Nature

August 23, 2016
sequined pineapple t-shirt

I am back to nature & back as long as Summer lets me.

I won’t be blabbing too long today, as I feel the photos we shot this past Saturday speak more to the beauty of Summer sunsets and green nature more than I could gather up words to.  Let me say that roads less traveled (I know, what a cliché) bring you to great wonders (and just a few kilometers outside your town).

My outfit is nothing spectacular, I just wanted to be comfortable basking in the sunset and running around rolls of hay.

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The Infinity Suit by TM Lewin

August 21, 2016
TMLewin The Infinity Suit

Today I am talking to you fellas. So lend me your ear for a second (promise it won’t take too long) and you’ll sure be glad you did.

The good people at TM Lewin understand your sartorial needs. Let me rephrase that: TM Lewin understands men’s sartorial needs better than anybody. This is why they have come up with the Infinity Suit. Continue Reading…

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The Countryside

August 16, 2016
the countryside

This is what you get when you search the bottom of your closet and find treasures. Anyone must have/own a check/plaid shirt. Perfect for those weekend getaways, in the coutryside side, out in nature. Nothing translates (fashion wise) more into relaxed mood than a checked shirt. Luckily  I have plenty because I LOVE them, but this oversized model I am wearing here is my favorite: loose enough for those chilly end of Summer nights and baggy enough for those hot Summer days. If it weren’t for strict geography, you might think I’m the perfect cowgirl personified, only my cowgirl boots are missing.

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