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Muted Pinks & Lots of Black

May 25, 2016
muted pinks and blacks

Again with the black. But you see, the gloomy, awful weather made me do it! I had no idea by the time I had woken up and set myself ready, wonderful sunshine and high temperatures would be finally giving us hope to some semblance of Spring, almost Summer already. I got my jacket and hoped like a bunny to a Saturday shoot and fun. Of course I ditched the jacket and scarf that day, those jeans made me melt, but for 5 minutes I endured.

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Beauty Haul

May 20, 2016
beauty haul

Welcome kittens to my very first beauty haul. I have bought and received some early birthday presents from family and friends and thought since there were so many, I might just pop in here and review them. I am always on the lookout for new skin care and foundation/concealer products so this may very well be my lucky month. Continue Reading…

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The Statement Necklace

May 3, 2016
the statement necklace

In about a month I will be 34 years old. Look at me over there in the first photo, just thinking about it, munching it over. Kiddin’. Getting older makes you wiser. I do believe in the saying “the more people change, the more they stay the same”, because as much as I wanted sometimes to be and achieve something else, one thing I found out is this: do what you love, stick to what you know best and be happy. One of those things I found to be true just a week ago.

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