Black & White

June 20, 2016
black and white look

Today I come in black and white.

My belly button has never seen a photo camera before and I should mark this occasion with this cute lace top that is the sole perpetrator for doing this first on my blog. 

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Another Festival Look – Fringes & Flowers

June 15, 2016
festival look_fringes and florals

Festival feels are again back on my blog. This time boho chic is replaced by floral chic. I am completely absorbed in floral patterns, floral headbands and earrings. I saw this floral top on sale, and although many others caught my eye, this one remained in my hand. The platforms were on sale online on H&M (not anymore unfortunately, they are now back to their original price) and quickly ordered a pair. The fringe bag was a gift from Diana (my blog “husbandess”, and the one mostly behind the camera).

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June 9, 2016
boho look

This past Tuesday was my birthday. It’s only when the night comes that words flow through me so naturally and come out so eloquently and beautifully here. I am here, not knowing if I should write this post or not, but when the sun sets and everything fades away, only my words remain.

So, this past Tuesday was my birthday. I am 34. 34 years old. A lifetime has passed since high-school, a lifetime has passed since I had my first job, a lifetime has passed since I grabbed my first camera, shed tears on previous relationships, London, parties all night, friends new and old. Continue Reading…


Muted Pinks & Lots of Black

May 25, 2016
muted pinks and blacks

Again with the black. But you see, the gloomy, awful weather made me do it! I had no idea by the time I had woken up and set myself ready, wonderful sunshine and high temperatures would be finally giving us hope to some semblance of Spring, almost Summer already. I got my jacket and hoped like a bunny to a Saturday shoot and fun. Of course I ditched the jacket and scarf that day, those jeans made me melt, but for 5 minutes I endured.

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