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Classic Office Look With A Modern Twist

October 10, 2017

Just like the title says, today’s post is about that: blending modern pieces with classics and timeless. You can find my previous office look here.

If you recently saw the shoe trend that switched from Yeezys to transparent then you are a very up to date modern girl. I’m not saying that the Yeezy heels are out of style, further from that, but this latest transparent shoe trend really caught my eye. Because I LOVE it. Kim K stepped out this Summer in many, many transparent shoes: from very thigh high boots to any type of heel you can think of. Transparent. I lived for them.

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All Curves – Let’s Go Dress Shopping

October 8, 2017

I know, Summer’s over. But any girl knows you can use this time to stock up on some affordable dresses and be ready next year, June 1st. Girlmerry has all your dress needs and more. They specialize in selling wholesale dresses, affordable clubwear and affordable sexy dresses. All you Kardashian/Jenner fans will be happy to know they stock up on some pretty tight and beautiful body hugging dresses for all you curvy girls out there. Below my top selection from their website.

Click on the links below to shop:

1. Here  2. Here  3. Here  4. Here  5. Here  6. Here


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Office Sporty Casual

October 2, 2017

Here I am, a light blonde again, all curly, from the bottom up looking like a very stylish FBI agent, bottom – sporty cool. I haven’t done any proper office looks, thought to myself the other day. I am looking for inspiration myself constantly and today chose to let you in on a little secret: myself in office wear, ready to ride my bike to work, and stylish enough to face the coffee filled day.

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Apuseni National Park & Smida Jazz Festival

September 23, 2017

Follow me today for a sweet escape into the mountains, enjoy some beautiful nature and a jazz festival. We traveled by car as we usually do to get there, but what we thought would be an easy 4 hour drive turned into an adventure that lasted longer than we thought. A national park is a beautiful place to get lost, get back to nature and immerse yourself into unknown.

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Vama Veche

September 17, 2017

I told you I will get to dip my toes in sand this Summer. The best feeling and natural socks in the world. Who needs shoes? Who needs anything? Except my Summer prosecco & fruit cocktail delivered by the beach with plenty of ice, please and thank you.

If you’re looking for a Summer destination that has lots of cool music (the one that you grew up with), midnight fires by the beach, fun parties, metal rock bars and lots of young people, than Vama Veche is a lovely, small, cozy Summer destination for you.

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